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Our journey to quality, which started with the production of pickled peppers in 1981 by our founder Tevfik KİRAZ, continues in our modern facility of 5.000 m2 closed and 13.000 m2 open area. production policy ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 quality certificates have also registered international standards.

We provide our vegetables mostly under our supervision to the farmers of our region by making CONTRACTED AGRICULTURE. Our company is determined to set an example for the farmers in our region by aiming for the goal of Good Agricultural Practices (I T U) on the land owned by our partners, and to make environmentally friendly agricultural production and to start the quality and traceability in our production from the field and carry it to the table of our final consumer. Agricultural production system determined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (F AO). Socially; a livable environment From a social point of view; Economic aspects that protect human health; Our efforts and searches will always continue by trying to apply the principles of profitable and efficient production both in agricultural production and in our industrial production, and to produce the best in the most accurate way and deliver it to you.

While the employment we create in our production facilities and our contribution to the utilization of our local farmers' hardwork products honor us, they turn our desires for growth into responsibility. We offer our products, which we have prepared with great care, to the domestic market, our export companies and foreign markets through our direct exports through our dealers. At the same time, we supply semi-finished products, bulk pickles or unprocessed vegetables to other companies in our industry.

Our company, which is growing day by day in the pickle and fermented products sector and expanding its product range, continues its growth both on a regional and national scale with great determination. In doing so, we will not compromise our respect for human and human health. We promise you for that.

And we say; We will not offer you anything that we cannot consume in our own home ...

Quality Certificate

İşletme Kayıt Belgesi
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 22000: 2005